Enchantivism Meetings

Interested in discussing enchantivism with others?

Join the Facebook group Enchantivism: Societal Transmutation through Inspiration and Storytelling. Once in, watch the discussions for a while.

If you like what you see and want some real-time conversation, send us an email request to attend one of our online sessions held every last Thursday of the month at 6 pm PST. You can participate via video or by calling in.

Our online sessions offer a free hour of discussion, story, idea, and inspiration. Here are a few guidelines if you decide to attend:

  • If you show up a few minutes early, you’ll have time to check your audio and do some customizing. We’ll tell you how.
  • We normally start with a brief meditation, updates, and current events. Then we do Q and A and general discussion. For your first session, spend most of your time listening to get the feel of how we converse.
  • This is not a debate group or one for argument or pushing ideologies. It’s for respectfully visioning together.
  • When you speak, please come right to the point. If you go on and on, the facilitator will remind you that others need speaking time too.
  • Don’t interpret, analyze, or comment on what another participant says unless specifically invited to.
  • Feel free to bring “how do these ideas apply to —” questions about situations you face. We’re here to support each other.
  • Prepare to be inspired, opened up, and invited into creative responses to the state of the world.


If you’re interested in congregating in person in or near Goleta, CA, let us know by email.

“At this point, realism is perhaps the least adequate means of understanding or portraying the incredible realities of our existence.”
— Ursula K. Le Guin

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
— Alice Walker

Today we need heroes of descent, not masters of denial, mentors of maturity who can carry sadness, who give love to aging, who show soul without irony or embarrassment.
— James Hillman