The Enchantivist’s Handbook

The Enchantivist’s Handbook is for people who don’t want to engage in political activism but want ideas and techniques for fostering peaceful and lasting change in the world. (Introverts in particular will like this.) The Handbook can also be used by activists interested in acquiring psychological and other complexity-based tools focused on transmuting human relationships.

There is a place and will continue to be for activism that is loud, confrontational, and uncompromising. Enchantivist work takes a different approach, focusing on joining inner work and external action via respectful conversation, outreach to adversaries, and the spread of ideas that inspire.

Note: The nonpartisan Handbook and the philosophies and practices that guide it remain unaffiliated with any extant political or religious organization.

Click here to download the latest edition (English).

A German edition is also available.

Creative Commons License
The Enchantivist’s Handbook by Craig Chalquist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.