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Planet and Moon


Below are the characters, powers, and groups that inhabit the Assembling Terrania Cycle, a work of fiction spanning Big Bang to far future.

Aluere: Power of attraction, unification, and coalescence. Style: inviting, alluring, loving, beauty-bringing.


Archetale: A fictional-feeling tale of mythic frame and content, but without the authority of tradition behind ancient sacred stories.


Athara: Power of the Underworld realm. Style: hidden, mysterious, possessive, dark.


Bellum: Power of strife, conflict, and war. Style: fiery, argumentative, assertive, driven.


Cempa: Power of heroism, adventuring, and championship. Style: brave, forceful, adventurous, eloquent.


Coaguum: the realm of material being. Part of the Tetraverse.


Cronicus: Power of Time. Style: methodical, self-paced, changeable of mood, relentless.


Crossovers: Beings and elements from more than one Vale (see Vale, Dreamvale) found together in a story.


Crossvale Code: the collection of Dreamvale laws of creativity that determine whether storylines involving more than one Vale are viable and likely to last. For example, a story containing a shallow conversation between Dracula and Sherlock Holmes might serve no creative or transformative purpose and rapidly vanish from view, whereas a well-cast meeting between Princess Leia and Tehanu could evolve in interesting and lasting directions. An informal summary of the spirit of the Code would be, “Craft must truly honor the life and potential of the created.”


Doja: Power of death. Style: sudden, extinguishing, mobile, decisive.


Dreamvale: the realm of imagination, whose “fictional” beings believe they create corporeal beings. All works and realms of “fiction” exist somewhere in the Dreamvale. It in turn is part of the Tetraverse.


Eleg: Power of passages, gates, and thresholds. Style: far-seeing, childlike-ancient, decisive, double-natured.


Eran: Power of love and attraction. Style: warm, embracing, magnetic. 

Fari: Power of universal necessity. Style: All-knowing, balanced, strict, fair.


Fortis: Power of fortune and luck. Style: giving, taking, whimsical, unpredictable.


Guardians of Renewal: A recurring archetype that manifests as bands of sensitives who protect some new vision coming into being during times of rupture.


Infrarealm: The archetypal realm of potentiality that permeates and founds the manifest multiverse we live in. Images from mysticism (Heaven, New Jerusalem, Alam al-Mithal, Tirna-Nog, Pleroma, Shambhala) refract the Infrarealm by means of human imagination.


Innra: Power of interiority, reflection, and hearths. Style: introverted, centered, self-sufficient, still.

Iustia: Power of justice and rebalance. Style: firm, clear, decisive.


Kaila: Power of healing and regenerating. Style: soothing, softening, supporting, containing.


Kerp: Power of harvesting and gathering. Style: bountiful, thorough, grandparently, stern.


Kluni: Power of disorder and chaos. Style: tricky, playful, disruptive, speedy.


Komoyna: Power of household, family, and community. Style: maternal, firm, connective, prudent.


Komuay: Pronounced “ko-moo-ay.” Another name for the Powers: immanent and sentient cosmic forces that organize the Tetraverse and that manifest outwardly as universal laws, cycles, and energies.


Magus: The Power of magic, literacy, and witchery. Style: mental, mysterious, enchanting, deep.

Nexus Crisis: an historical conflict in which different Powers are on different sides. Sensitive and enlightened humans can only resolve the crisis by reconciling clashing archetypal positions and demands. The outcome of the crisis determines which timeline will come into being.


Ordiri: Power of order and harmony. Style: clear, distant, disciplined, rational.


Paesha: Power of peace and concord. Style: cooperative, kindly, communal, calm.


Pandere: Power of expansive reaches and skies. Style: extraverted, paternal, large, optimistic.


Powers: see Komuay.


Purlieus: uninhabited boundaries that separate Dreamvales until creative people breach them (e.g., a short story in which Corwin of Amber converses with Eowyn, or a poem where Sydney Carton meets Princess Bari). See Crossvale Code.


Radantia: Creator of the cosmos and parent to all the Powers. Style: luminous, parental, expansive, all-powerful.


Ravina: Power of space. Style: broad-reaching, silent, elastic, permeable.


Renastra: Power of resurrection and death-rebirth. Style: sacrificing, boundary-crossing, dramatic, fertile.


Saywala: Power of psyche and soul. Style: deep, ethereal, imaginative.

Smee: Power of artisanship and craft. Style: skillful, introverted, focused, intense.


Terkwa: Power of queering and blending. Style: open-minded, unconventional, hermaphroditic, connective.


Terrania: The just, Earth-honoring, and delightful world civilization which the Powers would like to see humans mature enough to bring into being. Anticipations of Terrania exist in the Dreamvale and been sensed and poeticized by creative humans.


Tetraverse: What is normally considered the universe; part of a larger Manyverse. The tetraverse begins with the Source (Divine Mystery), which emanates the Powers making up the Infrarealm of potentiality, the Dreamvale world of imagination between the Powers and the Coaguum, and the realm of corporeal being populated by congealants (beings with material bodies, one species of which is Humans). In other words, Source, Potentiality, Possibility, and Actuality.

Transdaimonic League: A group of humans throughout history who possess an imaginative gnostic awareness of the Soul of the Cosmos as expressed by its Powers but reaching beyond them.


Unda: Power of growth, abundance, and nourishment. Style: generous, nourishing, supportive, warm.


Vaeda: Power of wisdom and animation. Style: wise, forthright, light-loving, profound.


Vales: All fictional worlds (Dune, Earthsea, Westeros, etc.) manifest as imaginal areas, or Vales, within the Dreamvale: a Vale of Dune, a Vale of Earthsea, etc. Only creative activity by a congealant can link Vales.


Wildia: Power of untamed nature. Style: powerful, self-determining, many-mooded, undomesticated.


Zoe: Power of life. Style: strong, bold, light-seeking, adaptive.

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