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Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.
— John Dewey

What if more professors with an extensive academic background and a taste for imaginative exploration taught what they love affordably, outside of expensive university programs?

Seminar, Webinar, and Slideshow Topics

Presentations include Returning to Earth: Coming Home to a Changing Planet - Mythic Activism: Tending the Story Behind the Story - More....
At YouTube: Conscious Apocalypse: Outliving Our Ruling Institutions

What is Deep Education?

"Deep” means encouraging the learner to probe through appearances, surfaces, and customary explanations to explore the motifs, images, collective fantasies, and other structural forces moving in the personal and cultural unconscious. These forces shape institutions, works of culture, and technologies alike and constitute the true foundations of our time.


The following courses are offered both in person and online. All have grown out of terrapsychology, the study of how identity, story, myth, place, and meaning intersect. Take these courses either for personal interest or from a desire to shape them into occupations.

Applied Mythology

Myths are not worn-out explanations for how the world works: they are basic narratives that come back to life at any time. Learn how mythic images and motifs inform current events, personal occurrences, daily life, and dreams.

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Terrestry: Your Deep Story

What if you combined a look at your ancestry with inside information about your place of birth, childhood interests, relationship patterns, dream analysis, and personal myth work? What larger patterns would emerge?

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Deep Analysis of Place

Locianalysis looks at images, motifs, and recurrent patterns that tie us to the places where we live and work.

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Heralds of Hope

Learn how to give presentations that inspire action. You will receive templates to keep and work from.

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Learn about deep dynamics of social change that move beyond and below the business as usual on the surface.

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Learn about and experiment with forms of spiritual practice that honor nature, place, and Earth.

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