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Courses Taught by Craig Chalquist, PhD

Graduate level unless otherwise noted:


Entire Research Track at JFKU (Dept. of Consciousness & Transformative Studies)
Dimensions of Holistic Sustainability
Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology as Cultural Work
Ecotherapy Intensive on animal consciousness
Advanced Ecopsychology
Deep Psychology
Theories of Psychotherapy
Abnormal Psych (undergrad)
Brief Therapy
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Beginning Theories of Depth Psychology
Advanced Theories of Depth Psychology
Archetypal Mythology
Phenomenological Research
Psychotherapy Approaches and Methods
History of Psychology (undergrad)
Psych 101 (undergrad)
Planetary Psychology (ecopsych, deep ecology, integral ecology, and other environmental perspectives)
Beginning Qualitative Research (former Acting Director of Research, Grad Psych, JFKU)
Advanced Qualitative Research
Master's Integrative Project
Theory and Practice of Dream (both undergrad and grad)
Beginning Jung and Archetypal Psychology
Advanced Jung and Archetypal Psychology
Transpersonal Psychology
William James
Living Systems: Theory and Application
Synthesis: Six Domains of Consciousness (philosophical, psychological, ecological, etc.)
Paradigms of Consciousness (the study of consciousness in relation to dominant worldviews)
Alchemy as Gnosis of Nature, Elements, and Landscapes
Jung’s Red Book (doctoral seminar)

Gnosticism, Alchemy, and Terraspirituality



Designed and implemented the new Certificate in Ecoresilience Leadership at CIIS (2015).


Designed and implemented the Certificate in Ecotherapy and Sustainable Systems at JFKU (2010).

Wrote a curriculum for a Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability Certificate at The Graduate Institute (2011).

Dissertation adviser and advanced ecopsychology instructor at Pacifica Graduate Institute.


Doctoral Mentor for Prescott College.

Thesis adviser for JFKU and Sonoma State.

Seminar on discovering one’s personal myth (Novato, CA).

Seminar on taking depth psych learnings into the professional arena (Marin, CA).

Terrapsychological Inquiry online curriculum co-author, Powers of Place Initiative (2010-11).


Six years of teaching nonviolent communications skills in various clinical settings.

OPUS Grant award for work on the “new myth for our time” (spring 2010).


2010, 2011 Certificate of Appreciation for academic excellence, John F. Kennedy University.


Consulting work: academic and business writing, conflict resolution.


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