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Why Become a Member?

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The Enchantivism Network (TEN) is an online community for practical dreamers seeking to uplift and inspire lasting change, inside and outside, by imagining creative possibilities together. Read more about enchantivism

What healing, spacious, enchanting new stories can we invent? How might we move into them and start living there? 

Do something worthwhile to move all of us toward full species maturity. 

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Enchantivism Network Membership

  • Tier 1: Free Community

    Find your visionary and creative kindred.
    Free Plan
    • The Enchantivism Network forum, kinship, and networking.
  • Tier 2: Enchantivist Membership

    Every month
    Belong to a network you can believe in and make a difference with.
    • Live sessions, discounts, and free content and consulting.
  • Tier 3: Loreology Mentoring

    Every month
    Expand the profession of loreology and collaborate with us.
    • Embark on your own version of the Way of the Sage.
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