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Why Become a Member?

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Ten Lamps is an online community for practical dreamers seeking to uplift and inspire lasting change, inside and outside, by imagining creative possibilities together. 


The name "Ten Lamps" comes from a story about a fictional set of operational verities for living in conscious accord with a sentient planet in an animate cosmos. Click here to read the tale.


What healing, spacious, enchanting new stories can we invent? How might we move into them and start livingthere?

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Ten Lamps Community Membership

  • Restorying in Depth

    Every month
    Bi-monthly Zoom class led by Craig Chalquist, PhD
    • Two classes per month, 1 hr each
    • Live discussion with participants and instructor
    • A forum for imaginative idea-testing
    • Shared space with other dreamers and visionaries
    • Practical skills in every class
    • Small class size
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