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Deep Education for Coming Home to a Changing Planet


Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.
-- John Dewey

What if, as depth psychologically-minded cultural workers, we labored against falsely separating the processes of individuation from those of liberation? 
-- Mary Watkins and Helene Shulman


"I think it would be a good idea."
-- Gandhi's response to being asked what he thought about civilization

What is Deep Education?

“Deep Education” as I conceive it and attempt to practice it encourages the evolution of our relationship with our animated and reactive planet from one of objectification, alienated consumption, and, at worst, destructive exploitation to that of a loving, responsible conversation in the ongoing human-nonhuman dialogue.


"Deep” also means encouraging the learner to probe through appearances, surfaces, and customary explanations--the “natural attitude” noted by phenomenology--to explore the motifs, images, collective fantasies, and other structural forces moving in the personal and cultural unconscious. These forces shape institutions, works of culture, and technologies alike and constitute the true foundations of our time.


Who are Deep Educators?

Deep educators are world therapists and cultural mentors who work toward just communities that can adaptively reimagine and reinvent themselves through collaborations in which every citizen can be truly free to participate. This, of course, is already happening around the world, but new mentors stand in need of reflective learning (a lifelong necessity) and networking together for common efforts.

Truly transformative education cannot be segregated into separate disciplines, bloated by abstract theory, dissolved in spiritual bypass, or reduced to numbers and measurements, although it includes the latest scientific findings as well as lore from ancient wisdom traditions. A Deep Education might offer content or training, but always in service to evolving deeper, higher, and more flexible modes of consciousness-in-community.


Everyone doing progressive cultural work for a just, aware, and sustainable world is a Deep Educator by virtue of passion, skill, and experience. Some have certificates and degrees, some don't. All work on behalf of these evolutionary goals:


- Integral education of the whole person: body, vital, mental, emotional, spiritual, soulful.

- Delight in conscious, polycultural, worldwide diversity.

- Initiation into emotionally mature, wise, discerning, and loving modes of living.

- Awareness of the foundations of personal and collective consciousness.

- Collaborative leadership. "When the people lead, the leaders will follow." - Gandhi

- Affirmation of our responsibilities toward and relationships with the nonhuman world.

- Creation of safe, fair, and Earth-friendly communities of belonging.

- Networking of deep educational experiments to share best practices and pooled wisdom.


Earthrise education--education for a living, networked planet--cannot remain in the classroom, although aspects of it do start there. It must draw on sources all over our planet to fashion new ideas, visions, and experiments centering on how to fashion just, sustaining, Earth-friendly communities in which world citizens feel truly at home. The global civilization capable of supporting such communities will have to be organized around new stories that frame human experience more interactively than models caught in fantasies of separateness, detachment, domination, or control.


My Path as a Deep Educator

I work actively inside and outside academia in service to an Earthrise era of peaceful human flourishing on a changing planet: Some examples of current work I do:


- Department Chair of East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

- Board member of Holos Institute, where psychotherapy interns do therapy "as if Earth mattered."

- Presenter of several slideshows and webinars that link psyche to nature, place, and Earth.

- Author of several books aboutthe deep interconnectivity of self, myth, and world.

- Founder and maintainer of the Deep Educators Network at LinkedIn.

- Administrative Board member of the Depth Psychology Alliance.

- Strong educational supporter of the Earth Charter Initiative.

- Seminar and workshop leader and presenter.


I also maintain the availability to show up almost anywhere to present and discuss topics featured at this site, including a new module I'm putting together on the leadership practices of Abraham Lincoln.


When I think about the just, peaceful, and Earth-conscious civilization we must evolve in order to survive and flourish, the word “Terrania” floats through my mind as the code word and aspirational axis around which all my labors and projects turn, driving me onward to continue my own evolution as a Deep Educator and perpetual beginner.


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