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You want to write better. Now what?

Redhead girl sitting on green spring grass writing down her thoughts in notebook. Pale han

Regardless of what you wish to write–stories? Essays? Books? Memoranda?–you will need both precision and passion, mind and heart.

In these four audio lectures, Craig Chalquist, Ph.D. will share ideas, methods, and learnings from decades of editing, publishing books and articles, assembling anthologies, and training graduate students. You will learn tips for improving clarity and coherence, exercises for warming up and moving forward, tactics for managing writer’s block and your inner critic, and in and outs of getting published online and in print.

And you will have fun practicing all this.

The audio modules are:

  1. What is writing with soul? (30 min.)

  2. Improving your craft (30 min.)

  3. Turning obstacles into advantages (30 min.)

  4. Getting the word out (30 min.).

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