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Seminar, Webinar, and Slideshow Topics

Presentations include Returning to Earth: Coming Home to a Changing Planet - Ecotherapy: Healing
with Nature in Mind - Mythic Activism: Tending the Story Behind the Story - More....

At YouTube
: Conscious Apocalypse: Outliving Our Ruling Institutions

The Animate California Trilogy:

The Tears of Llorona: A Californian Odyssey of Myth, Place, and Homecoming
Ventral Depths: Alchemical Themes and Mythic Motifs of the Great Central Valley of California
Edges, Peaks, and Vales: A Mythocartography of California at the Margins

Online and Ongoing:

Deep Education for Coming Home to a Changing Planet

Deep Education means kinds of education that welcome what has been relegated to the margins of culture and consciousness. My primary educational task both inside and outside the academy is to show how depth psychology, mythology, storytelling, and ecopsychology can make conscious our intimate ties to our beloved homeworld. These ties will weave the foundations of the truly just and Earth-loving civilization we must evolve to assemble.

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Earthrise Now - Resources of Hope Page

Is this image the mythologem of our time?

- Click here to read my article "Earthrise: Beacon of a New Worldview."

- Ready for a dose of Big Picture hope? Contact me to see my "Earthrise" slideshow.

- An Apocahope List (YouTube).

- Fall 2014: Certificate in Ecoresilience Leadership at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

- Listen to me read an excerpt from the end of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot.

- "Integral Education in the Light of Earthrise": speech given to open the 2014 CIIS Founders Symposium


Transrevolution - The Significance of Earthrise -My Publications -My Presentations

Speech to the world's first Ecotherapy Certificate graduates (9/10/11).

Keep up with our East-West Psychology community at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Visit the CIIS Integral Education channel on YouTube.

Join us at the Depth Psychology Alliance to find out more about consciousness work and cultural education

The Animate California Trilogy: a study of the psyche, soul, alchemy, and mythology of California:
- The Tears of Llorona (vol. 1) - Ventral Depths (vol. 2) - Edges, Peaks, and Vales (vol. 3)

Video: "Petroleum: The Blood of Pluto(cracy)"
Video: "Animate California: The Soul of the Golden State in Image, Myth, and Place"