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Craig Chalquist, PhD - Terrapsychology

Depth Psychologist, Applied Mythologist, Ecopsychologist


Department chair of East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a former core faculty member in the Department of Consciousness & Transformative Studies at John F. Kennedy University. He is an academic adviser and adjunct faculty at Antioch University, Prescott College, and Pacifica Graduate Institute and the online General Psychology instructor for College of the Siskiyous. He has also taught at New York Open Center, Schumacher College, Argosy Univesity, Sonoma State, New College of California, and Allan Hancock College, and is a thesis and dissertation examiner for Murdoch University and Monash University.


Advisory Board Member of the Depth Psychology Alliance.


Psychology and Beyond

Has worked as a family therapist, conflict resolution facilitator, lecturer, and group facilitator. He earned his PhD at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where he studied depth psychology with an ecological approach. A thesis adviser, dissertation coordinator, and research director, he has taught depth psychology, ecopsychology, family therapy, couples therapy, brief therapy, theories of therapy, theories of personality, social science research, history of psychology, Jung, William James, dream analysis, transpersonal psych, Systems Theory, and mythology at six Bay Area schools. While working as a therapist he spent six years providing group counseling for men and women referred for mandatory therapy. More recently, he co-designed and launched the Certificate in Holistic Psychology at New York Open Center and the Certificate in Applied Mythology via the Depth Psychology Alliance.


Certificate in Greek Mythology from Oxford University (2014).



Certified Master Gardener through the University of California Cooperative Extension, where he also earned a certificate in Sustainable Landscaping. Also holds a certificate in Permaculture Design. Was on the team that maintains Our Garden, a demonstration vegetable garden in Walnut Creek, California. Gives presentations on "Gardening and Mental Health." In October of 2010 he launched a Certificate in Ecotherapy at JFK University, the first of its kind in the world. Designed the curriculum for a Certificate in Ecotherapy and Sustainable Culture for The Graduate Institute in Connecticut. For the Powers of Place Initiative, co-wrote a curriculum for TerraPlaces, an online project to educate the public about how to explore the depths of one's locale. Is now designing a Certificate in Ecoresilience Leadership to be launched Fall 2014 at the California Institute of Integral Studies.


New Ground: Terrapsychology, Archetypal Mythology, Eradigmatis, Storytelling and Archetypal Activism

The book Terrapsychology (2007) introduced a methodology for studying how the tangible details of a place--the terrain, ecology, infrastructure, history, and culture--recur in the psychology of people who inhabit that place. See also Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled. Archetypal Mythology, a term derived from a class taught at John F. Kennedy University since 2005, has grown into the exploration of universal motifs coming back to life across myths and pantheons while transgressing the limits of Jungian interpretations of archetypes as purely human. The forthcoming book Pageantry of the Powers (Fall 2015) will develop this field of inquiry further. Eradigmatics calls for further study of eradigms: huge collective worldviews containing archetypal motifs that cover entire historical periods, with Earthrise as the latest of these. Eradigms provide an organizing frame for the recentlly published Big History book The Spectacle of Ourselves: A Chronology of Key Events in World History from Big Bang to 2012. Archetypal activism involves deep reflection on dreams and myths that emerge in response to contemporary events (the term was coined by Stephen Aizenstat). To foster this I have set up a public programs course Storytelling and Archetypal Activism through Pacifica Graduate Institute.



Terrapsychology: Reengaging the Soul of Place came out in 2007, Deep California in 2008, and he is co-editor with Linda Buzzell-Saltzman, MFT of Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind, Sierra Club's 2009 sequel to Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind. 2009 also saw publication of Storied Lives: Discovering and Deepening Your Personal Myth and The Tears of Llorona: A Californian Odyssey of Place, Myth, and Homecoming. In 2010 he published The Folly of Repetition and the Wisdom of Remembrance: 30 Crucial Neglected Lessons of History and edited the anthology Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled. In 2011 he finished the Animate California Trilogy by publishing Ventral Depths and Edges, Peaks, and Vales. [All books available here.] "This trilogy is the best thing I've ever written. It describes what comes of tracing the confluences between one's personal story with that of place: in my case that of my homeland, California, site of eerie alchemies and edgy motifs."


Has written for ReVision, Huffington Post, AlterNet, HopeDance Magazine, The Journal of Critical Psychology, Spring Journal, Dream Network Journal, Jung Journal, Psychological Perspectives, The California Psychologist, and four anthologies, and has been interviewed by Time Magazine, SELF Magazine, Whole Living, Adbusters, the Los Angeles Times, the Conejo Valley Daily News, the Contra Costa Times, and Green Patriot Radio. In 2010 he presented "Ecotherapy: A Cultural Therapeutics for Coming Home" at Bioneers in San Rafael, CA.


Psychospirituality manuscript and depth psychology monograph reviewer for Routledge. Peer reviewer for the journals Ecopsychology and the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture.


Online Education

Founder and owner of World Soul Books. Cisco Webex, AnyMeeting, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Connect webinars. Trained in Canvas, Etudes, Spectrum Learning eCollege, D2L, Blackboard Collaborate, and Moodle online learning platforms.


Consulting terrapsychologist. Supporter of the Earth Charter Initiative. Manager of the Deep Educators Network at LinkedIn. Blogger at Huffington Post.

Community Leadership

International Association for Ecotherapy (board member)
Depth Psychology Alliance (administrative board member)

Ecopsychology Journal (editorial board and peer reviewer)
Journal of Holistic Psychology (Executive Editor)
Immanence Journal of Applied Mythology (Founding Editor)
Consciousness Journal (editorial board)

Holos Institute (board of directors)


National Storytelling Network

Network of Spiritual Progressives

Psychologists for Social Responsibility
Society for Consciousness Studies


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