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Are You a World Conjurer?

Craig Chalquist, PhD

There are two kinds of visionaries or dreamers: those who keep quiet about it, and those who do it openly. Which kind are you?

Our time does not make being visionary easy, especially at work. The emphasis is on the practical, measurable, successful. Oddly enough, though, life and work are full of examples of how visionary people engage in kinds of creativity that lead to wild success.

What is a world conjurer? "Conjure" goes back to words that mean to swear together, to conspire, to make an oath, and of course to invoke via magic (since 1300). World conjurers imagine new worlds, from decision outcomes and new lifestyles to what a just, Earth-honoring society might be like. Included in the spectrum are images of saner ways to work.

We are all world conjurers; the differences are that 1. some of us know it, and 2. some of us are drive by it. When both of these are true, we are faced with how to get from imagining to reality.

That is exactly where my work comes in. I've been mentoring students, colleagues, business and community leaders, and other world conjurers for decades. If you have something beautiful to bring into being but aren't sure how, let's talk.

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