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Craig Chalquist, PhD

On this page you will find articles, essays, and other publications available for free download.

The content and materials in these texts focus on aspects of the interplay between story, self,
mind, nature, and imagination. The key is using ideas and practices to create stories that guide us.

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Click on the links below for access to more articles, essays, and publications. 


The thread that pulls together the sampling of essays below weaves through the complex and endlessly fascinating intersections between psyche, story, symbol, place, nature, myth, dream, and Earth. The question I always return to is: What is our embodied sense of living in an enchanted world?

For a comprehensive list of works, please see my Orcid page.


A Psyche the Size

of the Sea

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Why I Seldom Teach The Hero's Journey Anymore

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The Lure of

the Abyss

Making Change

How might we translate the best of what story, folklore, intuition, and dream offer us into action in the world? How might we vision more effectively together? With a commitment and dedication to the practical dreamer, let us explore the answers to these questions together. 

What does action in the world by non-heroes look like? What if we replaced arguing, shaming, and moralizing with storytelling, empathizing, and inspiring?

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Terrapsychology explores how terrain, place, element, and natural process show up in human psychology, endeavor, and story, including myth and folklore.

Loreology is the foundation of my work, a set of practices and paradigms with which we can explore the stories that keep us stuck in order to expand them, absorb their lessons, or replace them.

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