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By Craig Chalquist, PhD

 Dr. Chalquist's books seek to understand how intricate linkages of selfhood, folklore, relationships, places, history, and Earth intersect to reenchant our relations with self, world, and each other.

Wisdom Sayings of Jesus The Gnostic

Published in 2022

We’ve all heard about Jesus the Savior and Son of God. What about Jesus the wisdom teacher?


Isn't it odd that nobody has previously published a collection of the Gnostic wisdom sayings of Jesus? It's not like we don't have them. There are plenty. But where do we hear him speaking as a Jewish teacher and magus of inner mysteries? Where is the Jesus who dances and laughs, arranges plant rituals and chanting sessions, and scolds the apostles for worshiping him, taking teaching tales literally, and being so much less insightful than Mary Magdalene?


Wisdom Sayings of Jesus the Gnostic offers a selection of 154 wise sayings drawn from Gnostic texts featuring Jesus as a spiritual mentor. These sayings touch on seeking and finding, the nature of Spirit, finding spiritual kindred, the search for wholeness, and other areas vital to personal spiritual inquiry and self-exploration. Highly technical teachings by Jesus have been omitted in favor of offerings of deep advice seekers can follow in their daily living.

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