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When All Else Fails, Change the Game!

When All Else Fails, Change the Game!


Why “think outside of the box” when you can turn the box inside out and be free?


The boss who won’t budge. The pointless regulations that stymie. The faceless organization that makes things harder. The family arguer. The resistant bureaucrat. The interrupter. How to deal with the barriers they raise when the normal methods fail?


This e-book offers 20 strategies and numerous examples for going over, under, around, and though the walls that bring your personal and professional life to a halt. The kind that make you want to scream. Or maybe you do scream.


Instead, get clever and strategic and bypass the blockages that annoy, frustrate, and hinder so you can get on your way in peace and ease.

  • Endorsements

    "Craig gives helpful, real-life examples and strategies for how to expand our perspective and get out of being stuck in our own frustration. He gives us palpable ways to realize that it’s how we deal with the issue that’s the issue. I now have many more arrows in my quiver for finding solutions to challenges." 

    –Sandy Schultz Hessler, Executive Director, Teton Leadership Center and former Assistant Dean of Harvard Kennedy School


    When All Else Fails arrived in my in-box on a day when I was feeling stuck. I needed a new way of thinking about some old problems. 

    Craig Chalquist is an experienced therapist, educator, researcher, and innovative wisdom seeker who tells the truth, straight from the heart. He empowers and encourages creative solutions to real life problems. 

    When All Else Fails is written with humor, respect, and accessibility for a wide audience. It is more than a “self-help” book; it is a way of thinking that acknowledges how we are all in different places, with varied skills, motivations, and levels of awareness and insight. 

    Dr. Chalquist models the way of the peaceful warrior who waits to take action at the right time, with the right weapons, for the right reason. He has given us a welcome addition to our knowledge base on how to be fully human in everyday living.  

    –Col. Bonita Quiroz-Cantu, psychotherapist, Psychiatric Nurse Practioner, and PhD candidate

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