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Applied Wisdom for Conjuring a Better World


I bring deep learnings out of the classroom and therapy office directly to you, who seek the kinds of wisdom, vision, inspiration, and practical application that can grow beneficial lasting change.


To open storied paths that guide, inspire, and liberate the imaginative human energies that transmute selves, relations, and organizations beyond stuckness and toward creation, purpose, and meaning.


Our peace with ourselves, the quality of our work, and the health of our communities depend on the kinds of stories we tell ourselves and each other and how consciously and creatively we author them.


“Dr. Chalquist’s transformative ideas are nothing short of brilliant. His work and teachings are critical to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. He has always had a profound impact on his students. I highly recommend his books and any opportunity to attend his workshops or classes.”

Rebecca Elliott MA

Executive Coach and Consultant


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