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Crafting Tales for a



I bring deep learnings out of the classroom and therapy office directly to you, who seek the kinds of knowledge, vision, inspiration, and practical application that can grow beneficial lasting change.


To open storied paths that guide, inspire, and liberate the imaginative human energies that transmute selves, relations, and organizations beyond stuckness and toward creation, purpose, and meaning.


Our peace with ourselves, the quality of our work, and the health of our communities depend on the kinds of stories we tell ourselves and each other and how consciously and creatively we author them.


When the powers of imagination come under attack by mass commodification, by religious fundamentalism, by intellectual mechanization, by political opportunism, by fiscal greed, by cynical disparagement, or by any other ideological enemy of what should be respected as a primary source of personal and collective liberty, it is incumbent upon us to defend these powers by making explicit how they engender our humanity.

We can live a few weeks without food, a few days without water, and a few hours without shelter in an inhospitable clime, but we cannot live for even a moment without some movement of imagination in mind and body. To restrict its enlivening flow is to cripple the wellsprings of health, vitality, and sanity.

“Enchantment” as used herein refers to the mood of eager, inviting wonder: a precious gift of the free uses of imaginative capacities such as fantasy, awe, reverie, foresight, fancy, vision, play, and invention. Enchantment is a self-evident basic right. An assault on enchantment is an assault on the human spirit.



Author, Deep Educator, Loreosopher

Dr. Craig Chalquist is a professor, author, storyteller, and consultant who writes and teaches at the intersection of psyche, story, ecology, and imagination, with one foot in higher ed and the other in the world.

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“Dr. Chalquist’s transformative ideas are nothing short of brilliant. His work and teachings are critical to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. He has always had a profound impact on his students. I highly recommend his books and any opportunity to attend his workshops or classes.”

Rebecca Elliott MA

Executive Coach and Consultant
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