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Lore + Expertise = Breakthrough


  • Presentations and workshops

  • Customized training sessions

  • Group consulting and learning

  • Individualized consultation

  • Teacher training and tips

  • Curriculum design


You’ve probably heard the cliché that the Chinese character for “crisis” or “danger” also means “opportunity.”

The character’s actual meaning indicates “the point at which things change.” How they change depends on how we creatively meet the challenge, whether a crisis or the blessed unease or yearning that drives us onward.

Confusion can mean lacking a framework of meaning - a story - for next steps. What is your deep story just now? What is the deep story - fantasy, epic, myth, dream - of your business? Family? Vital relationships?

Transmutative Education

Therapy has its place. So does traditional education. But I've often seen how disclosing the deeper aspects of the stories behind who and where we are, how we work, and what our interests or concerns may be engenders rapid learning and transmutation, an alchemical word for deep, lasting transition, development, and transfiguration, both at the personal level and with one another.

I enjoy facilitating this as a loreologist: a consultant and mentor with resources for exploring the limits and possibilities of the personal and collective stories we navigate by in order to deepen, expand, or replace them. Why? So we can move from being confined by them to authoring them. I have done this over many years with individuals, groups, classes, schools of higher learning, and corporations. They key to moving forward is crafting a storied path to guide us.


Whether you wish to redesign a wise life path for yourself, solve an issue at work, restory the path of your organization, mentor others deeply, discover what myths and archetypal images play about in a perplexing event, explore your relationship to the elements, places, and things of the world, learn simple methods for reconnecting with the natural world, or decide to come fully to voice through writing, publishing, teaching, or presenting, you need not worry about how to acquire tools and resources for this. They are already available.

Mentoring Mentors

I also enjoy teaching the teachers. Do you want to design a transformative curriculum informed by psychology and folklore at school, at work, or for a group or community of learners? Do you need to know more about translating your deep learnings into terms others can grasp and apply? Where does the wisdom in dreams come in? What about using Terrapsychological Inquiry to explore our relations with specific features of the world: places, regions, sacred sites? Where do storytelling and the science validating it belong in how you reach out and instruct?

From Consultation to Consulteaching

As a higher ed administrator, former department chair, graduate instructor, corporate consultant, and business owner, I have seen the limits of the standard consulting model.

My approach is more direct, saves time, and aligns us with my primary career paradigm: teaching.

Teaching is my nature, my long education, my trade, career, and vocation. I taught other kids in kindergarten, then taught other students in high school and college. Then I moved up to doing it professionally in corporate settings, community colleges, universities, tech events, psychotherapy practices, graduate programs, and many other venues.

From all this I translate deep and applied offerings, moving them from the consulting room, classroom, and boardroom to you. I call this consulteaching.

Cohorts of Change

I love working with small consulteaching groups gathered for 6 weeks at a time around tranformational quests like these:

  • The Way of the Sage: leading with wisdom and inspiration. 

  • Applied Mythology for Teachers, Healers, and Mentors.

  • Enchantivism and Transrevolution: Lasting Collective Transformation.

  • Angels In Our Fictions for those seeking alternative spiritual paths.

  • Restorying Our Lore: exploring and expanding our guiding stories.

My Consulting Background


A few examples:

  • Teton Leadership Center program/certificate creation

  • Psychworks - core member; corporate consulting

  • Co-designer of the Blue Sky Leadership program at CIIS

  • Regulatory/accreditation consulting in higher ed

  • UCSB Bren School: storytelling and policymaking

  • Curriculum design, including Holistic Psych certificate for NYOC

  • Online trainings for Royal Roads University

  • Ecotherapy trainings at Holos Institute

  • Individual vocational and personal myth

See my fact sheet for individual consulting sessions.

A brief article on the importance of the stories we navigate by.

"What Is a Loreologist?"




Practical Psychology

Storytelling for Change 

Program (Re)design

Learning with Soul

WASC Preparation

Applied Systems Theory

Applied Mythology

Depth Psychology




Personalized guidance

Life/Work Pathmaking

Customized classes

Training online



Design trainings

Design curricula

Work in small groups

Work one on one 


Regeerate your idealism

Persuade the highly resistant

Master crucial storytelling skills

Reinvigorate a training program

Find your voice

Move through writer’s block

Learn your locale

Analyze dilemmas by working with dreams

Image by Rohan Makhecha

As a lifelong teacher with a psychotherapy background, I offer tools, practices, approaches, skills, and lessons that enable you to solve your own problems and move to a place of greater flexibility, reenchantment, and fulfillment. I call what I do consulteaching.

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

I present where mind, story, imagination, challenge, and nature meet. A question that runs through my talks is: What would a practical, embodied, inspirational wisdom path for life on Earth be like?

Image by Kimberly Farmer

Courses on the topics dear to me are available for download. Additionally, I can create custom courses to meet your specific needs.

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