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You’ve probably heard the cliché that the Chinese character for “crisis” or “danger” also means “opportunity.”

Not exactly. The character’s additional meaning is “the point at which things change.” How they change depends on how we creatively meet the challenge.

From Consultation to Consulteaching

As a higher ed administrator, former department chair, and business owner, I have seen the limits of the standard consulting model.

On the hiring end, the drawn-out conversations, the “What I Can Do For You!” appeal from consultants eager to close, the money spent on ponderous analyses offering no solutions. On the consulting end, the pitching, the unpaid proposals, the haggling… 

My approach is more direct, saves time, and aligns us with my primary career paradigm: teaching.

Teaching is my nature, my long education, my trade, career, and vocation. I taught other kids in kindergarten, then taught other students in high school and college. Then I moved up to doing it professionally in corporate settings, community colleges, universities, tech events, psychotherapy practices, graduate programs, and many other venues.

My answer to the consultation model is consulteaching.




Practical Psychology

Storytelling for Change 

Program (Re)design

Learning with Soul

WASC Preparation

Applied Systems Theory

Applied Mythology

Depth Psychology




Personalized guidance

Life/Work Pathmaking

Customized classes

Training online



Design trainings

Design curricula

Work in small groups

Work one on one 


Regeerate your idealism

Persuade the highly resistant

Master crucial storytelling skills

Reinvigorate a training program

Find your voice

Move through writer’s block

Learn your locale

Analyze dilemmas by working with dreams

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As a lifelong teacher with a psychotherapy background, I offer tools, practices, approaches, skills, and lessons that enable you to solve your own problems and move to a place of greater flexibility, reenchantment, and fulfillment. I call what I do consulteaching.

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

Craig presents where mind, story, imagination, challenge, and nature meet. A question that runs through my talks is: What would a practical, embodied, inspirational wisdom path for life on Earth be like?

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Courses on the topics dear to me are available for download. Additionally, I can create custom courses to meet your specific needs.