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Alchemy and Vocation

Alchemy and Vocation


To what work in the world are we called in our deepest selves? What internally summons and guides us to a life’s work whether or not we carry out that work as a career path?


Ever since its Egyptian origins, alchemy has offered images, ideas, and practices for inner and outer transformation. This course draws on these alchemical resources as tools for amplifying the vocational call. We will use (but transcend) a Jungian model with an emphasis on creativity and on perceiving symbolically. The course will also wed the imaginal and the practical.


The modules are:

  • Alchemy and Vocation
  • Activating Vocation
  • Alchemy, Symbol, and Creativity
  • Meeting the Daimon
  • Soulful Economics
  • Vocational Tools
  • Your Genius Speaks



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