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Deep Storytelling

Deep Storytelling


“Deep Storytelling” means storytelling with depth in mind.Often a single story can change the course of a life, of collective events, of history itself.


In this course you will learn how story, consciousness, archetype, and myth intersect; how to tell stories effectively; and how stories influence how we relate to ourselves, treat each other, and make lasting change in the world. You will receive models for that kind of change and suggestions for telling your own tales and retelling those of the ancient past, bringing them back to life for the situations you face today. The emphasis throughout is on how to encourage lasting transformation at the cultural level.

This downloadable five-module course includes over three and a half hours of audio lecture, reading materials, two slideshows, exercises to try out, real-life examples of deep storytelling in action, and resources for further study. All the material comes from classes I’ve taught to undergrads and graduate students in university settings.


The modules are:

  1. An Integrated View of Psyche, Archetype, Myth, and Story
  2. Archetypal Activism
  3. Deep Storytelling
  4. Myths and Fables Around and Within Us
  5. Deep Cultural Change

Note: you must be able to play .MOV. .m4a, and .WAV files.

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