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Depth Psychology

Depth Psychology


Depth psychology, which studies how our daily consciousness interacts with the entirety of our psychological life, acquired its name in 1913, but its lineage reaches back into antiquity across many cultures, philosophies, and disciplines of wisdom and practice.


In this course, we begin by conversing briefly with the ancestors of our field—ancestors from Europe, Mesopotamia, North Africa, and other parts of the world—and then, moving forward in time, dwell with the field’s founding mothers and fathers, looking into their courageous deep journeyings and appreciating the riches brought forth. After surveying a selection of their key ideas and practices, we will look at the work built upon these foundations, seeing how recent efforts have contributed to depth psychology as we dream it onward in theory and in practice. Along the way, we will consider how depth psychology has been in conversation with other approaches, including humanistic, existential, and transpersonal psychology.

This downloadable eight-module course includes eight hours of audio lecture, reading materials, a slideshow, exercises to try out for deepening into the material, a self-exploration template of depth tools, many real-life examples of how to apply the ideas and practices, and resources for further study. All the material comes from classes I’ve taught to undergrads and graduate students in university settings.


The modules are:

  1. Depth Psychology Definitions and Ancestry
  2. Janet, Freud, and Psychoanalysis
  3. Psychoanalytic Ideas and Practices
  4. Jung and Analytical (or Complex) Psychology
  5. Jungian Ideas and Practices
  6. Working with Myths
  7. Symbol, Symptom, and Dream
  8. Cultural Therapeutics
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