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Jung, Symbol, and Creativity

Jung, Symbol, and Creativity


In this course we will go over classical Jungian concepts such as ego, Self, persona, shadow, anima/animus, collective unconscious, transcendent function, and individuation in light of the psychology of creativity.


As we will see, Jung’s example as a writer and artist and his more theoretical works demonstrate creativity in the process of individuation, including finding one’s voice, following one’s calling, and discovering the myths we live and that sometimes live us.


Another aim of this course is to explore individuation as a creative path in light of what Jung called a life myth (usually translated as “personal myth”). Working with symbols is key to discerning and coming to terms with this mythic story behind our story.


The modules are:

  • Jung's Quest for Wholeness
  • The Symbolic Attitude
  • Individuation and Creativity
  • Living Your Myth
  • The Post-Heroic Journey
  • Synchronicities, Signs, and Omens
  • Approaches to Reenchantment
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