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Beyond bridging the daily world and that of deep research and higher education, my presentations explore the question of how we can walk through the world imaginatively, critically, and responsively, open to the possibility that the world once listened to and appreciated could be a very different place than the conflicted realm we now inhabit. We can do better once we realize how to be better. 

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Free Short Talks on Applied Hermetic Philosophy

Hermeticism is an Earth-honoring, cosmos-embracing wisdom path originating in ancient Egypt, from where it mixed with Jewish, Iranian, Greek, and Indian traditions and became a world-circling lived philosophy of gnosis (direct inner contact with Big Mystery), ethical care, and imagination.


Join us on this channel for a series of free talks, each drawing on a quotation from the Hermetica and considering how to apply these insights to contemporary concerns. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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Check out my courses at the Jung Platform - or use this link to browse. What you purchase will help pay for new courses.

Coming soon! These webinars explore different aspects of our relations with ourselves, each other, dream, story, hope, healing, resiliency, and Earth. Each runs for one hour and leaves time for discussion and questions. Each blends philosophy, psychology, symbolism, interpretation, and practices of reconnection with the intelligence of the natural world.

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