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Crafting Your Hermetic Wisdom Path

Fantasy World

For many centuries, the Way of the Mage has provided a path of illumination, imagination, and action in the world. Stretching across continents from its origins in Alexandria, Hermeticism is an embodied, Earth-honoring, cosmos-appreciating model for mindful and soulful attention, speech, thought, and deed. It is also magical, bringing many opportunities for reenchanting our worldview and our relations with one another.

This downloadable eight-part course includes four hours of video lecture and a Resources handout for further exploration. The modules cover background, exercises to try out, suggestions for reflection and self-application, and real-life examples of how to apply the ideas and practices.

The modules (30 min. each) are:

  1. Why a Wisdom Path of Practical Dreaming?

  2. Introducing Hermeticism: The Way of the Mage

  3. The Gnostic Branch

  4. Activating Alchemy

  5. Terrapsychology: You Are Here

  6. Archetypal Family Systems

  7. Applied Folklore

  8. Transrevolution and Deep Social Change

Note: This course uses .MOV files. Total file download is 13.56 GB.

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